David Hellmann

I do it so often… Relaunch Make Better Websites!

OK, this time it's not a "BIG Relaunch" but I think it's a good one. I kill the Account feature and remove the comment functionality. Yes, less annoying advertising! More focus on the essential. That is really simple. I'll Show you awesome looking websites and not freaky animated Ads. Again and again people tell me that the advertising doesn't looks really good. Yes they're so right but quite without? No! Advertising is a revenue stream for all the website operators, also for me. Now the Ads less in the foreground. I hope you like it.

For the future, I try to get an invite for an Advertising Network like or InfluAds. We'll see...

Now take a look to the new Website: http://makebetterwebsites.com

Mbw Relaunch
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