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Some words about the Retina MacBook Pro

Yes, I'm a Retina MacBook Pro owner since few days and all that I can say is: it's FUCKING AWESOME!!! We all know it from the iPhone 4/s and the iPad 3, the Retina display. It is brilliant and it makes a lot of fun to look at this display. All people who say: "I don't need a Retina display"… Sure? I think most of these people have never looked on a display with this sharpness. That's sugar for my eyes!

Don't speak about tech specs…

I bought the smaller one with 16GB memory and I think this is the option with the best price/performance ratio. All the other tech specs you can read up on the Apple website. Since I have Macs I don't think too much about hardware specs and that's good. More time for other things ;)

Retina Display

Wow. I don't need to talk more about it :) But really, the display is great. All (that's optimized for it) looks so sharp and brilliant. When I go back to my iMac all looks a bit blurry. OK, that's a bit exaggerated but I think you know what I mean. I'm using the MacBook on the "Retina Resolution" but I've checked the other resolutions too. 1680x1050 and 1920x1200 and yes they are also nice, this resolutions are great too and you have more space on your screen. But it's all a bit tinier. For me, the Retina resolution works fine and I use it all the time. To summarize I can say the Retina display is a big point to buy a Mac like this.


In my home office I've got an iMac from 2010. Biggest CPU and 16GB memory and an internal SSD drive. It's one of the best Mac's I've ever had. After two years, the power is still outstanding. The Retina MacBook Pro is a little bit faster as the iMac and wow, that's my first laptop with such performance. I like it! It's a powerhouse!


A great MacBook with an awesome Retina display and a lot of power. OK, that's all not really cheap, but for people like me, who need it to earn money, it is worth it. "Don't save money at working tools"! For me that was a good investment but I say it again: I earn money with it. If this wouldn't be the case, I would not be willing to spend so much money for a computer!

Quality control. All fine!

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