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Art Director, Developer, Cyclist, Photographer & Beer Cocktail Drinker.

Hello! I’m David Hellmann a self-taught & award winning Digital Art Director, Designer & Developer with over nine years work experience. I started in my children’s room, got pro at renowned digital agencies nexum AG and Fork Unstable Media. Now I’m based in Salzburg, Austria, working for Red Bull and enjoying the life in the countryside.

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Hospitality — Die Roten Bullen

Eine kleine Microsite für RB Leipzig (Die Roten Bullen) um den Bereich VIP Tickets & Events zu bewerben. Das ganze ist ein kleiner One-Pager um Interessenten mit den nötigen Informationen zu versorgen. Die Einzelnen Bereiche werden kurz vorgestellt und es gibt eine Übersicht über die verfügbaren Angebote sowie eine Möglichkeit der Kontaktaufnahme. Klein aber fein!

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I like to capture the moment. Over the last years I did a lot photos. A lot of these are not really valuable but that’s not the point. It’s more like freezing the moment for later. I started with photography when I started riding a BMX. Thanks for that. Today I do it more „professional“ compared to the early days. But it’s just a hobby for me without any intention to earn money with it. It’s just fun and primarily for myself. And of course I love it to have a camera in my hand and play with it. Currently it’s a Fuji x100t Fuji X-Pro1 / Fuji X-Pro2 (14mm F2.8 / 18mm F2 / 35mm F2.0 / 56mm F1.2).