David Hellmann

Hello, I'm David!
Designer & Developer.

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Bikes. Food. Cocktails.
Tattoos. Girls in Sneakers.

I create and build websites to communicate a feeling of joy and comfort that shall invite the user to come back. One part here is the graphical work, but more interesting is the tech stack and the implementation behind it. My current tech stack looks roughly like this at the moment: HTML / Twig, TailwindCSS / Scss, VueJS, JavaScript, Astro, and as a backend system I go with Craft CMS for years now, it's pretty awesome and flexible and a joy to work with. The development part is really important to me because I thereby constantly improve my skills and stay up-to-date with new methods and technology. Moreover, it presents a good change to the design part.

I'm also managing the website Best Website Gallery, which is a gallery that shows the best websites the internet has to offer.

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I'm not a huge fan of awards and stuff like this. OK, it's a good recognition for the project itself and the team behind for his awesome work. But for sure, it's not my intention when I start a new project to win an award. It's more like the icing on the sweet chocolate cake.

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