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Apple AirPods Pro

Years ago as wireless headphones comes more popular I was really against this hype. The reason was so simple as it was stupid. I liked the style when your headphone cable hang around. When you walk. When you ride your bike. When other people are on there skateboard an the - mostly - white cables fly around when they do some flips. It's for me fascinating as tapes years before. Technically there are much better solutions out there but they have not the personality as this older counterparts. What ever… iPhone lost there headphones jack and this means for me: The Drops is gelutscht! Now I've to get my act together... AirPods... yes!

Few weeks ago, the new Apple AirPods Pro* came around and I'm so fucking weak when new tech knocks on the door. It started as usual… I heard about it is step one. Now, I have to find out more about the new product - in this case the Apple AirPods Pro* that means I go to the Apple Website and see the wonderful marketing page. Apple: 1, David 0! It's hard to resist when you see something new with a good presentation and you're weak. However, this time I'm strong. I'm not clicking the buy button. I'm searching for reviews, unboxing videos and stuff like this. What say people about it. It's the phase where I'm fight with my bank account against the industry! Most of the time I'm the winner! OK, maybe this is a lie. But I'm a clever guy. I can talk my way through everything. WHEN I buy the new AirPods now, I can sell my old AirPods with a good value. And the new AirPods become so cheap. THIS!

Two weeks after I visit the Apple Website to find out more, I've new Apple AirPods Pro* in my Hand. I sold my old AirPods* for cheap 80,- bucks. Not that much but it's ok. I bought the new AirPods Pro* for 259,- — FUCK, that's a lot of money!! 20,- cheaper and this two weeks after release, thats fine. But enough story around…

Is it worth the money?

It's not a simple yes or no answer so let me try to explain. I think with this price tag there are better headphones that you can buy BUT maybe not InEar headphones. I'm in the Apple bubble and it's every time like magic when you pair a new product with your iPhone. It simply works! Personally I'm not that audiophile to say: WOW, the sound is so amazing. Or something like: Mah, sounds like shit. For me the sound is fine. Nothing to criticize here. The main feature was ANC (Active Noise Canceling) why I was interested to buy the headphones. They are my first ones with ANC and I was not sure if I needed or if I like it. After playing a bit with the three different options (ANC one, normal InEar-Style, Transparency Mode) I can say thats wonderful to have it. This week I go the train in the morning (yes, we're living countryside now and have to use the train to come to work) and that was the first time that I heard a podcast while I'm going around. Leave the house with the transparency mode. After few steps I switched to the ANC mode and fuck. It's a magic moment when it fades smooth from transparency to the ANC mode. Afterwards it was silent. A bit strange first but some few steps later it was as it was never different. The podcast has begun and I was in the middle of the crowd. Later in the train, I heard nearly nothing around me. I was in my ANC bubble and this was fine. Now when I have the headphones in my ears it's mostly with the ANC option. It's great. I like it and I hope that doesn't change. But there are some other things that I also like.

Apple Airpods Pro 04
Apple Airpods Pro 02

The Case

The case has a bit another form factor as the previous versions but nothing to talk about. But I think the case quality it's a bit better as before. When you close the case it sounds like quality. I like that.

Apple Air Pods Pro New Design Case And Air Pods Pro 102819

Form Factor

When you know just the normal AirPods it's all fine. They look great. Small, great design. Nearly perfect? But now, when you know the AirPods Pro the old ones looks old. Every time again this is fascinating for me. Now they are smaller and more futuristic as the old ones.

Apple Air Pods Pro Expanded 102819

Other Features?

Water resistant! Big feature for me cause I use the headphone also when I go ride my bike. Definitely a huge advantage to the old ones.


I think it's hard to say the are worth that money. For me I think yes, it's worth that money. But maybe you're saying the opposite. We're both right. Buy your own Apple AirPods Pro on Amazone*

* = Affiliatelinks/Werbelinks

Apple Airpods Pro 03
Apple Airpods Pro 01
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