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MacBook Pro Retina — ordered!

Last year, I ordered a MacBook Air. Just a few days later, the UPS man step to my door and gave me the package. I was very happy and the unboxing began. It was a great piece of hardware and definitely the best MacBook that I've ever seen. But one day later I sent it back to Apple. Like I said, it was great, but at this time I did not really need the Air and a price of over 1.000 Euro is not that cheap.

The MacBook Pro Retina

Moreover at that time my iMac stood in our living room. Now, the iMac stands in my little "home office". Sometimes I sit on the couch willing to do some work like coding without to have leaving the couch… MacBook where are you? But that’s not the only reason for a Macbook. The other reason is simple, mobility. And an iMac is not the best Mac for mobility.

On the last Keynote, Apple showed the new MacBook Pro Retina. WOW, amazing. All the rumors were right, the Retina display comes to the Mac! But other things are great too.

The all-new MacBook Pro started with a blank slate — without the constraints of legacy technology. That gave us the freedom to imagine something radical, something entirely different. A notebook so thin, so light, and so powerful. A notebook designed for the future, but ready to use today.

Good reasons to buy one

  • no optical drive! The last two years, I used the optical drive on the iMac two times… I think I can live without that :)
  • SSD! No words about it. Use it and you’ll love it!
  • Sure, the Retina display! I know it from my iPhone and iPad, it's great! And yes, less glossy
  • It's lighter than a MacBook Pro 13 inch!
  • It's really thin!
  • 16GB memory, I love it!
  • It's powerful like my iMac!

Many reasons to order one of these Retina MacBooks. I’ve chosen the small one with 16GB and a Thunderbolt Ethernet adapter. The MacBook will arrive in the beginning of july, but I hope it comes a bit faster. Go Apple!

Another interesting thing to talk about is the future of web design. We know it from the iPad and iPhone. For the Retina display we had to build high resolution graphics. Now we have to do that for Macs too. The first thing that I do when the MacBook is here is to optimize my website for it. I can see it right before my eyes, the "RETINA Ready" Badge on websites :)

What is your opinion about the Retina displays? Future or overrated?

Retina Display

Macbook Retina 03 1024X1365
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