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David Hellmann
Köln, Deutschland
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Hello, I'm David Hellmann.
Art Director & Frontend Developer but it's just a hobby for me!

You like what you see here? Say hello if you dare ;-)

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What I do & what I love

  • what I do

    I create and build websites to give great pleasure and let you invite to come back. For me it's called that beside the graphic work — the Design — also the frontend development like HTML & CSS, jQuery and WordPress. The development part is huge important for me to keep trying and don't miss new technics and standards and yes it's also a good alternation to the design part.

    Beside I managed the Website: MakeBetterWebsites, a Website that show other awesome websites.

  • what I love

    Delicious food. Good looking websites. My Fuji X-Pro1. Cannondale Bikes. Apple Products. Shoes (Sneakers). Yogurt. T-Shirts. Wooden furniture. Our Cat Mimi. My Vitra Chair. Ugmonk Products. Sharp kitchen knifes. SSD hard drives. Holidays. Frozen fruits. Tennis socks! My iPhone. Beautiful apps. Football (playing and watchin). Potato chips. Cocktails. Music. DIY Stuff. Cooking. Poker (playing). Movies and documentaries. Instagram. And many other things :)

  • photographer

    I'm not sure but it may be true that the only reason that I love to take photos is that I can buy great cameras :) Since spring 2012 I'm the owner of a Fuji X-Pro1 with a 35mm 1.4 lense and what I can say is: It's my dream camera. I enjoy to take photos with that camera!

    Photographing for me means to save memories. Memories that we can have a look at again and again. In times of the smartphone it's easy to take a bunch of pictures.

  • cyclist

    The #1 means of transportation for me is my Bike. I mostly ride MTB's nowadays. I also love it to pimp my bikes. A never ending story :) It's more than a hobby, it's true love. Yeah!

    My BMX stands in my flat most of the time, it's kind of a great memento of former times. A memory of much fun, lots of roadtrips - just a good time that I'd never regret. Moreover, at this time we gave birth to the skate plaza in Plauen. A fucking huge skateplaza and we all proud of it.

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